Delivering Augmented Vision for Industry 4.0

Safe and trustworthy AI is the foundation for the technology we build.

About Us

We build technology based on our conviction that the future of Computer Vision for industry is inherently linked to the transparency, explainability and reliability of AI models. The core activity of IkanoVision is aimed at designing Computer Vision systems addressing

  • Industry 4.0 use cases in manufacturing and automation
  • Scientific applications including numerical simulation (CFD, FEM) and electron microscopy
  • Autonomous driving in unstructured and complex areas

We make sure that the design decisions we take match the ever growing need for these systems to be deployed in complex environments on embedded devices providing limited resources compared to traditional Cloud-based infrastructures. Our industrial expertise in diverse settings allows us to integrate various data sources into our solutions

  • High-resolution image sensors (CCD, CMOS), thermal/IR cameras (FLIR)
  • Ultrasound
  • Xray

IkanoVision is defined by a unique set of skills and proven industrial experience

We rely on our expertise that spans across the fields of Computer Vision, AI and IoT to deliver highly robust systems for complex operational environments.

  • 01 Computer Vision

    We build advanced Computer Vision systems to help clients from different domains overcome technological bottlenecks and optimise their services.

    In the context of industrial wastewater treatment, we work with our client on a visual inspection system for measuring the depths and diameters of sewer pipes inside manholes.

    In the retail industry, we help our client detect and track movement of customers to improve the quality of service and optimise the operation of their business.

    We specialise in the reconstruction of 3D models and representations of objects from 2D images.

  • We adress the challenge of ensuring quality standards for manufacturing by providing visual inspection solutions for quality control and non-destructive testing (NDT).

    We are supporting the industrialization of quality inspection for our client in lithium-ion battery manufacturing using in-line vision systems in gigafactories.

    We design algorithms for detailed, non-destructive structural mapping of graphite electrodes to assess quality and provide data for simulation models.

    We specialise in non-destructive testing for the defect detection in castings and welds.

  • We make use of statistical methods to ensure that the systems we build rely on safe, explainable and trustworthy algorithms.

  • We build systems that can operate on different levels of the network instastrucutre or span computations in a distributed fashion on embedded devices, edge nodes and in the Cloud.



Industrial solutions development

We build industrial-level solutions and ensure their entire lifecyle including the deployment of distributed systems relying on embedded devices, Edge and Cloud computing.


We undertake the challenges and the innovative ideas of our clients and transform them into prototypes and MVPs.


We help our clients to acquire expertise in the fields of AI, Computer Vision and IoT.

ikano [ικανός]

> (masc.) (fem. ικανή, neut. ικανό)
> From Ancient Greek ἱκανός; used for describing a person that is able, capable, skilled, competent.


The IkanoVision team brings together the necessary technical expertise critical for building industrial-level Computer Vision & AI solutions that are safe, trustworthy and robust. We maintain a close relationship with academic institutions and cooperate with external collaborators to ensure the complete lifecycle for the technology we build.

Martial Papillon

Chief Executive Officer

Martial has extensive experience in Computer Vision systems. He has strong knowledge of air safety and embedded systems through his involvement in the Airbus A400M, A330 MRTT, ATR72 and H160 programmes. He lead the developement of image processing algorithms for Thermo Fisher Scientific and has helped TotalEnergies/SAFT develop software for material characterisation in the Li-ion battery field.

Christophe Le Gal

Scientific Director

Christophe has decades long experience in AI, Computer vision, as well as in numerical simulations. Holding both an engineer degree in scientific computation and a PhD in artificial intelligence, he has led several projects for the creation of data & model driven digital twins: creation of an offshore farm simulator for energy industry; of a pharmacokinetics simulator for the pharmaceutical industry; or optimisation of logistic process, taking into account human behavior prediction, for the transport industry. He teaches algebra and statistics in engineer school.

Milan Kabáč

Technical Lead

Milan has acquired solid experience in IoT and Software Engineering and holds a PhD for his contribution in these domains. He participated in the ICRI program led by Intel aimed at creating adaptive technologies for optimizing sensor network resources in smart cities. He designed a software development approach for orchestrating large-scale smart spaces in the context of a project led by SigFox aimed at building an IoT ecosystem in France. He was involved in the development of industrial IoT technology for smart warehouses and connected trucks.


IkanoVision is located in the intercommunal structure of the city of Bordeaux in France. Contact us using the information below or leave us a message using the form.


6 Rue Saint-Joseph, Talence, 33400, France


+33 6 31 62 18 05

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